Dating epiphone les paul standard

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This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all.

They were made by Terada and usually have an Orange Epiphone label.But one of the ongoing questions is whether there’s difference between those Made In China and the guitars Made In Korea and which you should be looking at buying. Plus, this is going to be the time when you want to get something that looks cool because, frankly, half the fun of playing is looking awesome when you do it.Of course, if you’re like most guitarists, you don’t have a ton of money to spend on your guitar, either. So what you’re looking for is something that sounds good, looks good, and won’t break the bank, which brings us to Les Paul.If you think of an electric guitar, the picture you have in your head is probably a Gibson Les Paul.Guitar legend Les Paul first designed the electric guitar that bears his name back in the fifties, and the guitar is still iconic.

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