Eligible consolidating lenders

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People with no credit rating at all can apply for a guarantor loan and this is a loan with an attractive rate of APR which can be placed into an account faster than most traditional loans.

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To find out what you’re eligible for and which mortgages are best for you please make an application, ask us a question above, use the live chat or give us a call on 08.Home equity loan rates can vary depending a wide range of factors, including your credit score, income and employment history.Lending Tree presents you with multiple offers, so you don't feel pressured or locked into having to accept a loan with a higher interest rate or fees than what you're comfortable with.There is a LOT of info online that is old and outdated, spam, and just plain wrong.As such, I have decided to compile all the most important information in one place, so anyone that wants a mortgage with bad credit in the UK will have a good idea about what is possible for them.

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